Sunday, March 8, 2009

How to get rid of canadian geese - repellents

This is my ongoing discussion of what I learned in my effort to figure out how to get rid of canadian geese at my lake house. This is actually the third topic but I sent the second to one of those ezine places to see how that worked (as soon as the link is live I'll add a pointer to it.)

So, another thing that is often tried to get rid of canadian geese is goose repellent. I ordered one on line and used it, but with only limited success. There are several goose repellents available and I don't want to mention which one I bought but it was one of the all natural repellents. This is the first thing to think about because you are going to wind up spraying the repellent near and, at least a little bit, in the water. There are state laws about what you can put in the water and frankly you don't wand to poison your lake just to get rid of the geese. This repellent was a basically a combination of peppers and strong oils like mint and cinnamon. The good news is that it didn't really small that bad. (I have also used deer off to keep the deer out of the shrubs, and that makes everything smell like rotten eggs). Yes we have geese to get rid of int eh summer and deer to get rid of in the winter.

The goal of the repellent is to make the grass not taste good so the geese do not want to eat it. The catch with this is that, as I have said before, geese are dumb, so they seem to have to try something a whole bunch of times before they realize that they don't like it. That is the first problem. However, I don't know if we gave it a fair chance due to the second problem.

The second problem is that the instructions tell you not to apply the repellent if the grass is wet or if it is going to rain in the next few days. That means that you have to find a several day window with no rain. Since, again, this is a weekend house and we only have two days a week and not every week to try to get rid of the geese, finding that window was difficult and several of the goose repellent applications would up being on damp grass or wound up getting rained on. So, when we came back a week later and the geese had been on the lawn again it was tough to tell if the goose repellent actually worked. Did the geese simply not mind it or did the rain wash it away so the geese did not taste it?

The third problem I had with the goose repellent was more technical. As I said the formula included pepper an that meant that there were actual black pepper grounds in the goose repellent. These grounds tended to get caught in the nozzle of the sprayer and clog it up.

I was hoping that the goose repellent would be an easy solution to get rid of the canadian geese without having to be there that often, but in the end I did not find it as useful as I hoped. I certainly would not say that it was to solution of my problem of how to get rid of canadian geese.

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  1. Geese so frustrate ting birds. They spoil my garden, parking. Geese Problem becomes very serious problem while we have a little child in our home